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every time there was a war we would get a wave of immigrants different cultures different ways to look at the illnesses. i saw the parasites in three cases of leprosy very fascinating place to practice but it got me to think about different ways people say of disease. i was more impressed by modern medicine and. but also i was more impressed what it left out naturally anything that was not logical the and i looked at homeopathy in chinese medicine and. both of what i found fascinating 30 chinese source sanskrit that i could understand the systems from the inside. but finally i realize even if i did learn chinese i would still not be able to understand. it was too different from my own culture. at this restaurant -- discouraging moment iran into another book that intrigued me. hildegarde was 12th century also an a stick and a composer and theologian and had written a book about her. that was not the eye of newt toe of frog medicine that i expected but it was real medicine for real patients but based on a completely different model of the body from power mechanical model. i did not under
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1